We offer 2 ranges of blackout blinds with side channels, the Bloc XL, for domestic use, and the Shy Zip range, generally for commercial use. Both ranges are available with chain operation or via remote control.


BlocOut XL is capable of blocking light and draughts thanks to the exceptional quality of its individual components.

Each part, from the brush seals to the cassette holder and aluminium frames are designed to last.

BlocOut blinds come in a wide range of colours and patterns to suit a variety of environments.

Curtains trap hot air and prevent it circulating a room. This can lead to heat loss.

BlocOut creates an energy efficient barrier that minimizes heat loss through the window and leaves radiators free to heat a room faster.



Gravity drop blinds operate vertically and can be custom-made to fit any angle from vertical to 30° from the vertical. (For blinds over 30° from the vertical, please see our ZIP® CTS rooflight system). The heart of the system is SHY’s specially designed zipper ribbon which is welded to the edges of the blind fabric to create a super-strong, flat join. The zipper ribbon is securely held in a shaped plastic side channel which allows the blind to run freely and quietly but prevents the fabric from being pulled out of the channel insert . A ZIP® gravity drop blind consists of an upper headbox containing the cloth roller plus side channels. As the cloth is deployed the combined weight of the cloth and hem bar pulls the cloth down the side channels. No lower headbox is required, but a bottom channel can be used to enhance the light seal or to help with uneven surfaces if required.


Ideal for both commercial installations as well as high-end domestic situations. Neat and stylish, ZIP® gravity blinds can be installed in multiple applications including dim-out, shading, light control, heat control, insect screens, room dividers, for business presentation & home cinema screens, to name a few. Utilising a wide choice of blind fabrics, every level of shading, through to full dim-out can be achieved. Hardware can be powder coated to any RAL colour (standard colours are white and black) to suit existing surroundings. Obstacle detection motors are also an option if required.

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