Roller blinds were the very first product that we offered, over 50 years later, they are still one of our best sellers.

We offer more than 2000 fabrics, from lace and voile to solar reflective and blackout.

Most fabrics are made of either woven polyester, PVC coated fibreglass or other man-made yarns, but we still have a small range of traditional cotton fabrics.

Specialist fabrics, such as fire retardant, moisture resistant, waterproof, solar reflective, anti-glare, screen, thermal and even acoustic fabrics are available.

We offer a laminating service, so we can make roller blinds from your soft fabrics, please get in touch for more details, and the type of fabric that is suitable.

Roller systems we use are either aluminium or powder coated steel, with sidechain, spring, electric, or rechargeable operation.

We also offer various types of cassettes and fascias, which can be covered in a matching or contrasting fabric.

Our blinds can be finished with a standard hem, exposed bars, or scallops with many options available.

Roller blinds are used in every type of room, from kitchens and bedrooms, bathrooms and living room bi-fold doors.

Alban Blinds can recover your existing blinds, to save the cost of replacing the rollers, as well as any measuring and installation being required.

We have on display virtually all the fabrics that we offer at St Albans market, as well as working samples of varying types of roller blinds.

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