• Intu is available as a pleated, aluminium or a roller blind.
  • Aluminium slats are tilted with a slider at the top of the frame eliminating the need for a wand.
  • Blinds are fitted neatly into the window beading without the need for drilling or screwing into the window frame. Blinds can tilt and turn with the window.
  • All blinds are tensioned, with no cord loops making them child safe.
  • Suitable for windows with a bead depth of between 11mm and 27mm.
  • Intu hardware is available in white, silver or brown.


  • Utilised in more compact spaces and bi-folding doors.
  • Suitable for a variety of bead types and depths.
  • New ‘Guided’ option restrains lateral movement in the bottom bar – a beneficial feature when installing on bi-folding doors.
  • Suitable for use with Hive Micro and Pleated Micro fabrics.
  • Intu Micro hardware is available in white, anthracite and brown.

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